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Who is Pledging to go to Cage-Free Eggs – Is Your Favorite Restaurant on the list?

Touch the Soil News #308

The number of announcements by food companies to source eggs only from cage-free laying hen farms is growing (we’re up to 37). Thanks to research by WattAgNet News, we were able to compile a list of food companies being influenced by science and public sentiment to source eggs from cage-free enterprises.

Pressure to end the practice of egg production using battery cages has reached national proportions. Over-cramped quarters leads to greater use of antibiotics to offset diseases endemic to weak and unhealthy birds.

See if you can find your favorite restaurant or food company on the list of cage-free announcements:


BJ’s Wholesale Club

Bob Evans

Burger King

California Pizza Kitchen


Cara Foods

Caribou Coffee

Carl’s Jr.

Carnival Cruise Lines

ConAgra (worlds largest food conglomerate)


Dunkin Donuts

Einstein Bros. Bagels

General Mills

Groupo Bimbo



Mondelez International



Norwegian Cruise Lines

Panera Bread

Peet’s Coffee

P.F. Chang’s

Qdoba Mexican Grill


Royal Caribbean Cruises

Shake Shack



Taco Bell

Taco John’s


Tim Hortons


White Castle


Not to be overlooked, however, is that most of these food service enterprises have placed full-transition target dates somewhere between 5 to 10 years into the future. They estimate it will take that long for hen-laying farms to buy the extra land, build new buildings and change the configurations in existing buildings to go all cage-free.

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