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Why can’t I just use a bagged potting mix?

beneficial bacteria

Most commercial potting mixes have been sterilized using a high heat process to kill any weed seeds included with the mix. On some levels, this is a good thing, since we don’t want random weeds sprouting up amongst our plants.

Unfortunately, this process also destroys the beneficial fungi and bacteria that would otherwise be living in that soil. Kelp4Less Myco + Innoculant Blend gives you everything you need to restore the beneficial microbiology to your soil.

Have you ever stopped to consider the fact no one ever fertilized a forest? Those trees grew with the help of soil bacteria and fungi breaking down organic material ( a process called mineralization) into a form that the plants can use. In some situations, up to 70% of a plants’ phosphorus requirement is provided by mycorrhizal fungi.

Certain strains of bacteria, such as azotobacter, are able to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere and make it available to plant roots in the soil. Other bacteria help to keep disease-causing pathogens in check. If there are excess nutrients present, they are held by the soil organisms ( called immobilization) instead of being leeched out of the soil. Without these organisms present, organic materials will not break down as quickly and become plant-available.

If you’re considering amending your soil, all of our organic meal fertilizers are on sale this week. Don’t forget to add Myco + Innoculant to your cart to maximize the benefits of these additives.

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2 thoughts on “Why can’t I just use a bagged potting mix?

  1. i been reading about why its no good to use potting soil because they radiate there products before the final out come my question is can i ammend my potting soil with say advanced nutients compensating the burned soil from the potting soil manufacture,or in your opione can you tell me what i should do i have happy frog jump start fertilizer 3-4-3 with active soil microbes can i use this bag of happy frog jump start to ammend my soil or should i add other things to my soil to get it preparered?????? i’m at a tottal lost any help would be nice of you

    1. Hello,

      Please check your email as we have replied directly to you for assistance. Have a great day!

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