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Why go Organic?

Organic Acids

What is the big deal about going organic? Why is everyone talking about it? Does it really matter that much? Well, in short – yes. It does.

For the younger crowd out there, you may not remember the big deal about DDT. This was a very widely-used pesticide for a long time. We finally figured out it was incredibly toxic by looking at birds’ eggs who were ingesting it. DDT was actually making their shells soft, and the baby birds were dying. The sad thing is, DDT’s use has been banned in the U.S. since 1972, but we are still seeing the effects today. And not every country has banned its’ use, so there are ongoing effects. DDT specifically takes around 15 years to break down.

So why is that relevant? Well, because we used this pesticide for decades (since about 1940), and we (meaning the EPA and/or FDA) didn’t sufficiently test the side effects. With this in mind, many folks are concerned about the pesticides we are using now, as well as the stronger pesticides that are being developed as a result of the GMO-foods contaminating weeds.

There is also sufficient concern about the sustainability of non-organic farming and gardening. It’s incredibly difficult to imagine being able to sustain the widespread pesticide use we are currently practicing. There is a continuous need to develop stronger pesticides, and a rush to get them on the market, which raises concerns about side effects.

What about for your fertilizer? Well, we can definitely help you there. You have a multitude of choices with Kelp4Less. You can check out our OMRI-certified products, as well as those which are natural and have not gone through the OMRI certification. Organic Products from Kelp4Less.

There are so many benefits to using organic products, including peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about what is going into your body. These products will rinse off, too, unlike many GMO foods which will absorb pesticides into the plant and fruit.

Organic Products from Kelp4Less.

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