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Why is your Myco + Innoculant blend more expensive?

Myco + Trichoderma

We recently received a comment from one of our customers wondering why Kelp4Less – a company which prides itself on lower prices than anyone else – would have a product that is more expensive than someone else!!! This is a very valid question, and we had to do some research to make sure we weren’t charging you folks too much!

So here is what we found. The most comparable product we could find to our Myco + Innoculant Blend (this was the specific product we had the question on), had the following ingredients listed on their label:  strains of 6 endotrophic and 6 ectotrophic mycorrhizae species, 2 trichoderma, 13 strains of beneficial bacteria, yucca and soluble kelp. Now – that’s great! But because such a percentage of their blend is yucca and kelp, the amount of Mycorrhizae in their product is less than what you get with Kelp4Less Myco blend.

We are giving you pure Mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria in our Myco blend! Also, we include nine Endo Mycorrhizae species,  eleven Ecto Mycorrhizae species, and nineteen strains of beneficial bacteria. So not only are we giving you the full amount per ounce, but we are giving you MORE types per ounce!

Now remember – you can make a gallon of product per ounce, so you will get PLENTY of product for just an ounce! Or, if you’d like to have some backup, you can order in 1 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, or a pound – however, please make sure you only buy enough to use within a year, as this product does have a shelf life.

So, in short, we’re still less expensive and better quality! The particular product we compared with is around $15 per 4 ounces. Our product is only $5 more for the same amount, however we aren’t “diluting” ours with yucca and kelp! Order your full-strength Myco + Innoculant Blend today!


Myco + Innoculant Blend



We also offer several more types of Mycorrhizae, including:


Myco + Trichoderma Blend


 Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma blend, which includes everything in our Myco + Innoculant blend, plus two species of Trichoderma (Trichoderma do best when there is an abundance of healthy roots around them. Because of this, Trichoderma have developed mechanisms to attach other fungi, as well as enhance root growth of their host plants).


Endo Mycorrhizae

Endo Mycorrhizae

Endo Mycorrhizae: Don’t want all the other stuff? We have a straight Endo Mycorrhizae product for you! Contains our nine species of Endo Mycorrhizae and none of the other stuff!


Trichoderma Innoculant Blend


 Trichoderma + Innoculant Blend: If you’re only worried about parasites or infestations in your plants, the Tricho + Innoculant Blend is exactly what you need.


Humic Endo Blend

Endo Humic Blend

Humic Endo Blend: Humic acid is great to help increase nutrient uptake in the root system of your plants. Mycorrhizae, as you know, colonize the roots of plants and extend far out into the soil (for a full description of Myco’s benefits, check out the blog on it here).

Mycorrhizae Blends

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2 thoughts on “Why is your Myco + Innoculant blend more expensive?

  1. do the mycorrhizae reproduce fast enough to sustain a colony? I hear the answer is NO. I do not know. please let me know what you think about this topic. Is this the reason we are suppose to add myco. every 2 to 3 weeks??
    thank you organic mechanic

    1. Adding Myco’s every week will only enhance all the bacteria that breaks down all the nutrients and elements and makes them available for the plant. This is very beneficial for making the nutrients available for the plant to eat. It’s like a chef, starts with raw ingredients, which by themselves may not be amazing, but when combined and cooked correctly will make an amazing dish to eat, which is what we are trying to create for our plants. Food that they want to eat, which makes them grow.

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