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Will Electric Technology Disrupt Big Automakers?

Positive Future #339 (Feature photo – e.GO Life – Courtesy of e.GO Mobile)

Not too long ago, The Federal Reserve Bank reported that for almost 50 percent of Americans, an unanticipated expense of $400 would cause a personal financial crisis. That said, cars with a much lower cost than mainstream cars could find favor with hundreds of millions of people.

CleanTechnica journalist Steve Hanley reports that German start-up hopes to start selling a modest priced electric car for between $18,000 and $22,500 in April of 2019. This car has a lower starting price than most other electrics. Chances are high that another car maker with even a lower price will come on the market before e.GO starts ramping up. You can read the full story here:

Looking ahead, the need for a city car at a price of $7,500 or less could be enormous and have financial and economic impacts on both mainstream new and used cars. What do you think?

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