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Will We Buy Electric Cars in the Future?

Positive Future #686 (Feature photo – Traffic Congestion –  CCA SA 2.0 Generic, Nomad )

CleanTechnica journalist Johnna Crider brings us the story of an interesting study by the AAA of Canada. Some 96 percent of electric car owners may never buy a fossil-fuel car again. In addition, it is estimated that 40 million Americans are now interested in buying an electric car. That’s a lot of Americans, considering that annual U.S. car sales are around 17 million units a year. You can read the story here:

1 thought on “Will We Buy Electric Cars in the Future?

  1. Electric cars are certainly interesting and anyone that attends college or university has most likely seen them driven around. With that said, it will take time until they’re able to be distributed to the public. Prices seem a little steep, and while the benefits are there, it’s going to take time for this to be a truly viable option.

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