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Wrestling Food Production Away From Farming

Touch the Soil News #836 (Feature photo – Example of Vertical Farming – CCA SA 3.0 Valcenteu)

The global psyche has become impressed with technology. However, is it possible that embracing technology blindly without some analysis as to its ramifications is not wise? Technology in terms of GMOs for example has brought us a world doused in dangerous agro-chemicals. Chemicals winding up in almost everything we eat.

An emerging trend is the tug-of-war between farming in nature, or turning the production of food into the realms of big capital and high technology.

Vertical farming startup – Plenty, Inc. – is focused on indoor high-tech food and big capital. Headquartered in San Francisco, founders Matt Barnard and Nate Storey are pushing the envelope of creating artificial environments for plants. After recently attracting some $200 million in venture capital, the company just hired Kurt Kelly. Kurt is the former director of batter technology for the global automotive superstar Tesla Motors.

Now, the basic assumption of our modern economic world is that every economic transaction – from buying food to apartment living must be translated through the financial system. Does food have a role in the arena of personal gardening, collective gardening, community gardening and food banking gardening – all of which are still outside the realms of big capital and big technology?

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