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Wyomatoes & Kelp4Less in PBS Special


Touch the Soil News #226

Recently the Wyoming PBS aired a special program on Wyomatoes.  Wyomatoes is a unique greenhouse that raises organic tomatoes in soil. Also featured in the presentation is Brandon Mason from Kelp4Less. Mason and Kelp4Less helped Wyomatoes go organic and rise to the challenge of soil nutrition, soil biology, plant nutrition and plant health that go hand in hand with organic farming.

Wyomatoes logo on the side of their delivery truck (Photo - Susan Gisin)


The Wyoming PBS station produces a series of programs under the heading “Farm to Fork Wyoming.”   The series explores the growing direct to market economy – an insightful resource for the growing number of people in or considering entering the market gardening arena. You can click on the following link to connect with their farm to fork series:

Following is the link to the Wyoming PBS Website for the special feature on Wyomatoes:

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