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Touch the Soil News #565

From the small nation of Wales (3.1 million people) which is part of the United Kingdom, comes an unusual gardener – Phillip Vowles.

Vowles grew up in a family of 13 and started gardening at a young age to help feed the large family. Through school and all his life he kept gardening and raising vegetables. After a time, he noticed that by keeping seeds from his largest vegetables he was able to grow bigger and bigger veggies – hundred pounders.

Phillip Vowles next to his 5 foot 150 pound zucchini and an 18 foot sunflower. The kicker is that the large zucchini grew to this size in six (6) weeks (photo courtesy of Philip Vowles).

Now that Vowles is retired, he can continue to focus on his art of large vegetables including cabbage heads that come close to 100 lbs. Following is the must see video of Vowles and his produce:

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