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Yucca Yucca . . . slim shady . . .

Okay . . . Yucca Extract has nothing to do with Eminem, or any other famous person. But it’s awesome! Yucca extract is used to increase water uptake in your plants.


And why is this beneficial? Well, not only will water uptake increase, but with the water come the nutrients in your soil, making sure your plants are getting all those beneficial nutrients you’ve spent so much time and effort putting in your soil in the first place!

But, you may ask yourself, “how does it work”? Well, basically Yucca is a [glossary]surfactant[/glossary]. This means Yucca changes the surface tension of the water, making it so the plant can absorb it more easily. You can see the surface tension effect by pouring milk into a plate, dropping a drop of food coloring in, and dipping a dish-soap-soaked-Q Tip into it.

milk and food coloring

It’s actually pretty fun . . . lol! Yucca extract also contains something called “saponin”. Saponins are a component which increase water absorption, but which can also inhibit microbes and fungi. Now – please keep in mind Yucca Extract most likely will not keep away all the pests in your garden. But it can help your plants build up their own natural resistance, which is great!

Our Yucca Extract can be used as a foliar application, or hydroponically. Yucca Extract starts at $12.95 for a pound.

Yucca Extract

Yucca Extract

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