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Zipline Delivery Drones – A Do Good Company & Service

Positive Future #120 (Feature photo – Zipline Drone– Courtesy of Zipline)

The company Zipline has perfected fast delivery drones for medical emergencies. According to the company’s latest press release, Zipline’s new delivery vehicle is a fixed-wing style airplane. This unmanned delivery plane can travel about 80 miles per hour.

The new plane can serve an area 200 times larger than the average quadcopter. Now essential medicines can be delivered to remote and hard-to-get-to sites in a matter of minutes.

In 2016, Zipline launched the world’s first national drone delivery operation in the nation of Rwanda. The Rwanda government contracted Zipline to establish a distribution center with 15 drones to deliver blood, plasma and platelets to 21 hospitals across the western half of the nation. Since then Zipline has flown over 4,000 flights – approximately 1/3 of which have been life-saving situations.

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