Finding the Right Stuff (Part 2 of 2 – The Solution)

Constantly on the lookout for solutions to problems with commercial fertilizers and finding the right micro-nutrients, Billy Egan finally had a breakthrough. Through word of mouth, Egan was told about Kelp4Less. Kelp4Less just happened to be in Idaho Falls.

Egan contacted Brandon at Kelp4Less who came to the greenhouses to see and understand the situation. Some of the first products Egan used was a 4-18-38 fertilizer and bloom products.

Egan explains that tomato yields almost immediately began an upwards trajectory. Custom mixes of amino acids were applied to bedding plants along with the 4-18-38, which solved many of the excessive nitrogen problems. Egan’s Greenhouse began getting compliments from customers on the quality of the bedding plants and the blooms.

Working with Brandon, Egan said they were able to create customized micro-nutrient mixes monthly, based on plant and fruit development. In stark contrast to the past, when 50 percent of the tomato crop could be lost to production and quality issues, Egan explains that now, with the feeding regimens designed by Kelp4Less,  they don’t have any losses that exceed 1 percent of the production capacity.

Overall, tomato production yields have more than doubled. From the three modest-sized greenhouses, Egan’s Greenhouse now gets more saleable vine-ripened tomatoes than ever before. Most of the tomatoes are sold right at the greenhouse with some sales at the Idaho Falls and Jackson Hole Farmers’ Markets. With newfound quality and production, Egan’s Greenhouse can sell the tomatoes for $2.99 a lb.

Egan further said that customers have also made comments on the improved flavor of the tomatoes. Egan constantly gets inquiries from customers about his cultural practices and what kinds of products he uses on his plants.

“Being able to tell customers that most of our plant nutrients are sourced locally and come directly from mines in the region has further contributed to customer confidence and product sales,” said Egan. “Our tomatoes are now so much more tasteful, loaded with vitamins and amino acids for a much healthier product.”

“One of the biggest benefits of working with Kelp4Less has been having people to talk to about everything that goes on in our production,” said Egan. “Kelp4Less understands their products and their products work.”