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What is Your City’s Foodbowl?

Screen_shot_2015-09-17_at_2_25_32_PM Touch the Soil News #474 Knowing how much farmland it takes to feed your city and the ability of that food to come from regions around the city is not of importance to global financiers, economists or even higher education. Financiers, economists and educators have focused our attention on global free markets. While the global [...]
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The Food Domino Effect

250px-Toppledominos Hitting the news recently is a classic example of a food domino effect. Destabilizing effects in the “pork” food chain have created a domino effect between the United Kingdom, China and even the United States as they are all connected to the “pork” food chain. The world’s food chain – hinged together by the financial [...]
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Do You Know the World’s Largest Meat Company?

JBS-USA-completes-Cargill-Pork-purchase_strict_xxl Touch the Soil News #472 Most of us have eaten meat from the world’s largest meat packing company, but don’t even know its name. The company JBS S.A. is the world’s largest meat packing conglomerate headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We don’t recognize JBS S.A. because it owns the U.S. brands of Swift and Company [...]
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Clutching for Health

Feature Touch the Soil News #471 Imagine waking up in the morning in a nation that must feed almost 1.4 billion people, but has slightly less productive crop land than the U.S. with only 325 million people. Now, if that is not enough, imagine that you must compete for a healthy diet with other consumers bidding [...]
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Soozies Doozies

bannerlogo Touch the Soil News #470 (Feature logo courtesy of Soozies Doozies) This is a frivolous news piece as it caught our eye amidst so much other serious stuff. Soozies Doozies claims to be the only all natural, non-GMO, with many organic ingredients, no preservatives, refrigerated cookie dough. They are fashioned after a homemade recipe, bake in [...]
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The Wild Side of Buffalo Wild Wings

Fire_Station_No__19 Touch the Soil News #469 (Feature Photo – Jon Ridinger CC 3.0) What does Buffalo Wild Wings (a restaurant chain) have to do with urban farming or raising your own food? On the surface, maybe not much. However, like other larger food-chain enterprises it is an entity engulfed in a financial fever (greed and fear [...]
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A Public Edible Fruit Park?

feature Touch the Soil News #468 We have heard of gleaning clubs that care and harvest fruit trees in neighborhoods and we have heard of Web sites that show you where fruit trees are located in a city. But an emerging faction in the food security movement has come to reality in West Seattle – Puget [...]
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Wal-Mart Spawns New Test Kitchen

TestKitchen Touch the Soil News #467 (Feature Photo courtesy of Wal-Mart) To keep sales up, Wal-Mart just opened a new test kitchen at its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. Called the Culinary and Innovation Center, the 12,000 square foot facility features 10 kitchens including replicas of the bakery and deli-kitchens found in Wal-Mart Stores. The whole idea [...]
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Should Food Co-ops Be a Cafeteria?

1280px-Postcard_from_Childs_Philadelphia_1908 Touch the Soil News #466 One of the biggest problems the food chain faces is food waste. One of the biggest challenges grocery stores face is the spoilage of fresh produce before it is sold. Add to this that American’s love to eat out and maybe there is something to think about here. A recent [...]