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LED Lights & Fresh Greens

c1-960x642 Touch the Soil News #422 Quartz News reports that New Jersey-based AeroFarms is shipping arugula, kale and spinach from a farm inside a former Newark nightclub to grocery shelves at the same price as Earthbound – one of the largest organic farms in California. AeroFarms is just putting the finishing touches on what will be [...]
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Sketchy Pork Info – But Worth Following

Gotcha_pork_roast Touch the Soil News #421 In the world of commodities – including agricultural – when China consumes, the whole world feels it. Global Meat News (http://www.globalmeatnews.com/Industry-Markets/China-s-pork-imports-booming) recently reported that environmental and economic issues in China are causing domestic reductions in the production of pork. While there are no definitive statistics, pollution problems with large pork [...]
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FDA Warning Letter to Whole Foods Markets, Inc.

Salad_of_Whole_Foods_Market_(26699555031) Touch the Soil News #418 Whole Foods Market always seemed like a good place to start when trying to eat healthier and safer foods. Earlier this year (2/16/2016), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) undertook an inspection of Whole Foods’ North Atlantic Kitchen in Everett, Massachusetts. The Kitchen’s Facebook page explains that it supplies made-to-order [...]
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Will Food – As a Social Enterprise – Catch On?

AquaponicFull Touch the Soil News #417 Philip Loo of George Town, Malaysia is roughly 8,500 miles from San Francisco. Philip believes most everyone can grow a portion of their food including protein. The way to do it is by learning some basics about aquaponics and then setting up an enterprise in your home. Loo calls his [...]
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Urban Agriculture – Las Cruces Pushes the Envelope

logo-footer Touch the Soil News #416 The level of public collaboration emerging in the U.S. to foment urban agriculture would not have happened just five years ago. Taking the lead today is Las Cruces, New Mexico – a metropolitan area of some 220,000 people. With the expertise of a 10-person Urban Agriculture Working Group, the City [...]
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High Tech Raw Milk

Raw Touch the Soil News #415 The process of homogenizing and pasteurizing milk has always been a controversy for raw-milk proponents. Industrial milk production has always held that raw milk posed too much risk for carrying pathogens. Over the past few years, high pressure treatment of food has been developed and experimented with. Recently, a company [...]
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Don’t Miss the Urban Grown Tour

Maku%20with%20bitter%20melon%20at%20Juniper%20Gardens%20Training%20Farm%20(Sep%202013) Touch the Soil News #414 What a great idea to promote urban farms to new potential customers. Cultivate Kansas City is hosting its 7th Urban Grown Tour the last weekend in June. It is a self-guided tour where you can explore 32 farms and gardens across the Kansas City Metro area. Antioch Urban Growers greenhouse [...]