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Public Orchards – A New Kind of Investment

produceparkthumbnail Touch the Soil News #448 (feature art work courtesy of Louisville Grows) The industrial food chain is a reflection of massive investments whose ability to drain family food enterprises of their cash flows is legendary. As a result, most neighborhood grocery stores are gone, most family farms are gone and the largest grocery chain is [...]
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Will Industrial Agriculture Go the Way of Fossil Fuels?

su-divestment-graphic Touch the Soil News #445 A couple of years ago the fossil-fuel divestment movement got started. Essentially, the idea is that investment funds rid themselves of any investment connected to fossil fuels. Two years ago, some $50 billion worth of investment funds committed to exit fossil-fuel investments. Today, the number of dollars committed to not [...]
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Rainier Beach Urban Farm – The Power of Civic Cooperation

RainierBeachUrbanFarm_big Touch the Soil News #444 (feature photo – logo of Seattle Tilth) We have been socialized to think that competition is the power behind our economic system. So why then do some 2,000 volunteers, dozens of non-profit organizations and donors and the city of Seattle work together for a set of common causes? Part of [...]
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All Cooped Up – The Unnatural Order of Things

1024px-Mexico_City_suburbs_Cuautepec Touch the Soil News #442 (feature photo: ProtoplasmaKid / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 4.0) Policy planners and environmentalists loosely agree – humanity’s encroachment on the world’s resources is so dramatic that urban sprawl must be converted to higher density living. WorldWatch Institute (http://www.worldwatch.org/) does a good job at looking at the global social and environmental [...]
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Food Tremor – A Spooky Thing

226px-FAO_logo_svg Touch the Soil News #441 The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a division of the United Nations. The FAO sits on the pulse of world food. The FAO maintains a Food Price Index. The Index follows the fluctuations in food prices. The flow of food to people only happens to the extent that there [...]
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What Africa Can Teach the World About Food?

ResizedImage600600-15 Touch the Soil News #440 A few years back, an individual with a degree in economics was discussing farm economics with Touch the Soil. His conclusion was rather sobering: “Good farm economics is hundreds of people farming a thousand acres. Poor economics is one farmer farming several thousand acres.” Fast forward to Nairobi – the [...]