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Molasses Powder

4.67 out of 5

Molasses provides your plants with a natural sources of carbohydrates (sugars) and plant nutrients. Great for use in indoor or outdoor environments. Use in soil or hydroponics in conjunction with any other nutrients or fertilizers.

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The External Tentacles on American Agriculture

whgroup Touch the Soil News #501 Few folks realize that global trade agreements mean that foreign interests can own and operate agricultural enterprises in America the same as Americans. Back in 2013, the world’s largest pork processing company – Smithfield Foods – was purchased by Chinese state-supported company Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd for $14 billion. Brands [...]
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News Round Up

united-nations Touch the Soil News #499 World Unites over Antibiotic Resistance Problem The clamor over using medicinally important antibiotics in routine feeding of livestock has reached international levels. The U.N held a special meeting on the subject on 9/21/2016 in New York. Delegates from 193 nations discussed the emerging global crisis. In the U.S. alone, antibiotic-resistant [...]
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Words of Premonition?

original_ccpit Touch the Soil News #498 The chairman of the Chinese overseas trade council – Jiang Zengwei – recently made a foretelling announcement. “We must help Chinese agriculture go global, as people have an increased demand for agricultural products with improved quality.” Less than two years ago, China was still steeped in policies that obliged the [...]
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Dollars Spent Eating Out

gwinns_restaurant_and_drive-in_2915_e__colorado_blvd__u__s__66_pasadena_calif__one_of_pasadenas_finer_restaurants_80548 Touch the Soil News #497 The USDA reports that dollars spent eating out are almost the same as dollars spent for groceries to eat at home. The facts are that what is spent eating out is growing much more rapidly than the population. For example, Americans spent $42.8 billion eating out in 1970 and a [...]
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Food Shocks versus Oil Shocks

presentation1 Touch the Soil News #494 We are all familiar with oil-price shocks that send the cost of gasoline skyrocketing. When oil prices surge, economists create models of how everything we buy is impacted by the underlying cost of oil. Recently the Brookings Institute published an economic study on the effects of food price increases on [...]