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I may as well take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with the products I’ve ordered so far. Super happy with your prices and the performance of your products.
Top notch business with superior customer service and an exceptional vibe. This will be my only source for powdered fertilizers from now on.. anyone who isn't shopping with K4L is doing themselves a disservice!
Marcelo A.
The Bloom pack classic is excellent!!! This is the best nutrition product I have used all my life.
THIS STUFF IS MAGIC!!!!!  I kept spraying with your kelp. Not even 2 days later and this made a HUGE change. This is what probably saved it.
A great product that produces amazing results at a low cost. I began using the early bloom and almost immediately saw multiple bud sets nearly all along the branches. After growing now for more then ten years I know this year is looking like one of the top harvests I have had.
How wonderful that I didn't have to talk to a Robot and press tons of numbers before I get someone to help. Thank you for great product and outstanding customer service and lightning fast shipping.
You guys are awesome!!! I am a customer for life and all my family and anyone else I talk to in the growing community.
I have been using your product in my daily watering/feeding. Just great stuff!! It doesn’t burn. Even in my garden this is the best I’ve ever had. You should tell folks IMMEDIATE CHANGE!!!
Just recently I have found out about your company and ordered a whole bunch of stuff for my vegetable garden and my lawn.Let me tell you something, my lawn is greener than ever, I have never seen my lawn this healthy and life of green.

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