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Molasses Powder

4.67 out of 5

Molasses provides your plants with a natural sources of carbohydrates (sugars) and plant nutrients. Great for use in indoor or outdoor environments. Use in soil or hydroponics in conjunction with any other nutrients or fertilizers.

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Ag Innovations to Save the World?

ringgarden-1020x610 Touch the Soil News #522 Inhabitat http://inhabitat.com/ recently came forth with 7 agricultural innovations that could save the world. While that might be a rather large claim, seeing what they came up with is interesting: 1. Algorithmic Agriculture. Uses algorithms to determine complex planting patterns using diverse crops that improve ecological resilience. 2. Food Forests. [...]
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Target – Re-Inventing Food and Food Retailing

target_corporation_logo_vector_svg Touch the Soil News #521 Farmers markets are the epitome of local food and doing away with the middle-man – the grocery store. However, in a bizarre change of directions, grocery stores may start cutting out the farmer. Target Stores, the second largest retailer in the United States behind Walmart has been working on a [...]
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What’s Up in Paris?

pariscoatofarms Touch the Soil News #520 Like other global metropolitan areas, Paris is a concrete Jungle. The city proper has a population of 2.3 million. However, the greening bug has hit the city in part thanks to its Mayor – Anne Hidalgo. The Paris city council passed a bold move to invite citizens to come forth [...]
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How Far Off Track Is Food and Agriculture?

feature Touch the Soil News #519 While politicians fret or ignore the food issues within their own nations, the FAO does the same, but for the whole world. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations is charged with making some kind of sense of global food security. The FAO, in order to communicate [...]
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Food Chain Intelligence Report

foodchainintelligencereport Touch the Soil News #518 The hidden force behind much of what goes on in America is investor demands for more money. If the company - promising to deliver a pot of gold to investors - stumbles, investors often figure out how to get a stronger hold on squeezing the “lemon.” We bring this report [...]
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Single-Crop Farming – Perfect Environment for Pests

1024px-saltamontes_de_ala_roja Touch the Soil News #517 In our Touch the Soil News piece #502 (October 2, 2016), we covered a global report in which the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) inferred that the industrial food chain almost totally misses delivering adequate nutrition and should be totally reshaped. On the heels of this [...]
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Is Sugar Going to Go Sour?

feature Touch the Soil News #516 With the effects of sugar in health news increasing, we were interested in a recent report by Authority Nutrition. The gist of the report was all the names that sugar has which can be used in labeling to confuse the consumer how much sugar is in a product. There were [...]
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Beyond Meat – The Beyond Burger

beyond-meat Touch the Soil News #515 (feature photo courtesy of Beyond Meat) One of the largest meat companies in the World – Tyson Foods – just announced it has taken a 5 percent stake in the company Beyond Meat. Beyond Meat is at the cutting edge of creating new protein burgers using plant materials. What makes [...]
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News Round Up

newsroundup Touch the Soil News #514 General Mills Flour Recall under Control The Centers for Disease Control says the problem has been contained after 63 people in 24 states were sickened by flour contaminated with Shiga-toxins. By the time it was all said and done, General Mills recalled a whopping 45 million pounds of suspected flour [...]