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Water Desalination Technology –A Foundation of Saving Lives

Positive Future #771 (Feature photo – Modern Desalination Plant – CCA SA 3.0 Unported, James Grellier)

Estimates are that 1,000 children die each day from water-borne diseases – a cause of lack of access to clean and safe water. Access to water for agriculture, personal consumption and industry is a key driver of how the world survives into the future.

Water Desalination in Israel is now a primary source of water for the nation, as rainwater and groundwater resources are simply not enough. The following video puts into perspective what virtually every nation is the world is facing to varying degrees.

Access to water eclipses in importance all other efforts at health and well-being. Water desalination is becoming a critical life-support system that depends totally on finance and economics. Economic disruptions are a leading risk to health and life. Estimates are that there are now over 15,000 desalination plants around the world.

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