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A Food as Medicine Story (A Kelp4Less Staff Editorial)

Touch the Soil News #2040 (photo – Food Bank) (Courtesy of

Often times when spring arrives, there is a dedicated number of customers that live in the region that find their way to the Kelp4Less warehouse for several reasons.  Foremost on their minds is food as a path to better health as they take their home gardening seriously.  The second reason is that they can have actual time with Kelp4Less employees to explain their situation and have their plant and soil products customized while customizing amounts for the scope of their growing operations.  Often discussed are ways to improve the nutritional quality of what is grown.

Fortunately for all Kelp4Less customers, who may be too far to come to the warehouse, actual time with a Kelp4Less employee is only a phone call or e-mail away.

Along those lines, an interesting story has surfaced and reported by The Times of India.  The story is about a couple in their seventies looking for ways to improve health.  It came to their attention that eating unprocessed foods in the form of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish was a path to health. They are now growing food hydroponically while also having an aquaponics operation.  Their example has become an inspiration for others.  You can read the full story here:

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