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Covid-19 Recession – Food Gardens Are More Important

Touch the Soil News #1624 (Feature Photo – Food Line – Public Domain – U.S. Government)

While the purpose of virus-driven economic shutdowns is to save tens of thousands of lives, the longer-term effects may imperil the lives of hundreds of millions of people.  When cash flows are dramatically reduced through the food chain, the industrial supply chains, and health-care chains, the end result is the same today as it has been through all of modern history – the industries and their supply chains wither.

Directly related to being able to maintain the necessities that keep us alive, systemic declines in cash flows and wages erode the artificial life support systems that keep us alive.

The Foodtank news portal brings us the story of the hunger surge caused by the Covid-19 recession as it is becoming to be known. The FOA (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) has decades of data linking economic downturns to hunger and starvation among low income individuals and nations. You can understand more of the concept here:

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