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Farmland Values – Rethinking What Farmland Means

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Touch the Soil News #1896 (Feature Photo – Farmland – Photo CCA SA 2.0 Generic, Andrew Smith)

While land for growing fruits, vegetables and some mono crops is a key consideration, many folks are seeing land for growing as a long term investment. It’s no secret that many retiring farmers, get some of their retirement funds from selling the land. Land might also make a good investment for profits, particularly if you own the land and use profits to lower your debt obligations.

Higher farmland prices for mono-crops also means those prices in time will migrate into the cost of food. Depending upon the operating costs of an urban farm, food that doesn’t have to travel that far may have some economic advantage.

Nonetheless, a recent report on how land values have escalated in Nebraska, is probably an indicator of farmland prices changes across the nation. You can read the full story here.

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