Cali Liquid Gold



A great substitute from Fish Hydrolysate. Derived from grain solubles. Highly biologically active liquid supplement and liquid nutrient.

No odor like fish. Does not attract pests like fish hydrolysate. Better results compared directly to fish hydrolysate.

Outdoor Plants:

Use 1/8 Cup (1 fl. Oz.- 1:128) per gallon of water. Feed vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs every 2-3 weeks. Apply until soil is saturated or as a foliar feed until leaves are wet, top & bottom. It is best to foliar feed early or late in the day.


Use 1/2 gallon concentrate mixed with sufficient water to cover 8000 sq. ft. Feed monthly during growing season and again in the fall.

Seed Germination:

Soak in solution of 1 teaspoon per cup of water.

Compost Tea Enhancer:

Use 1/4 Cup (2fl. Oz.) per 5 gallons of tea.

House Plants:

Use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. Feed every 2-3 weeks. Do not over water.

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