Endo Mycorrhizae


Stimulates aggressive root branching, development of fine root hairs that increase nutrient uptake and grow healthier, whiter roots. Also containing a wide variety of endo mycorrhizae fungi, that ensures explosive root growth.

Not Avail in California


Product form:

Dry powder, water soluble

Pure, uncut and no fillers compared to retail store Mycorrhizae products.

Primary function/use:

Beneficial fungi (good biological flora) to the root zone of the plant.




NPK analysis:


Product designation:


Beneficial Endo Mycorrhizal Fungi species:

Glomus Intraradices
G Aggregatum
G Mosseae
G Etunicatum
110 Million Propagules/lb

Other product highlights:

The products used in this powder are blended for each order to insure freshness. This product makes it easy to get beneficial fungi directly to the root zone of plants.

Other notes:

This product is a powder that has a particle size of less than 220 microns and ideal for spray applications, injection systems and drip irrigation.

Perfect for adding beneficial fungi, beneficial bacteria directly into the soil root zone of growing plants.

Product Comparison Results:

Root Development:

Endo Myco

Overall Root Mass:

Endo Myco


Only mix what you need each time for the area treated. Do not store mixed liquid solutions of this product for more than two (2) days.

When and Where to Use:

During all stages of plant development.

For Hydroponics, Soil and Soil-less:

Mix ½ tsp. with fifty (50) gallons of water.

How to apply:

Spray or drip the mixed solution in the area to be treated and follow up with regular feedings of this solution. Liquid mixture can be used as a root dip to aid transplanting.


Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in a cool, dry, dark place. Use product within 12 months of delivery.

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