Start to Finish Bundle

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Includes all the ingredients found on our Grow and Bloom Feed Charts. Proportioned correctly to provide all necessary and supplemental nutrients to offer vigorous growth during the grow/vegetative stage and heavy yields during the bloom/flower stage.

Not Avail in California


Product Form:

Dry Powder, Water Soluble

All of the Expert Level Nutrients and Supplements found on our Grow and Bloom Feed Charts, combined in a cost saving bundle.

Products are in the right proportions, to assist you in following the feeding schedule and experience Expert Results and Yield.

Entry Level Start to Finish Bundle Includes:

2 Pounds Grow Pack

1 Pound Early Bloom Pack

1 Pound Mid Bloom Pack

1 Pound Late Bloom Pack

4 Ounces Awakening

4 Ounces Bud Hardener

4 Ounces Ripe Blend

Adjustable Teaspoon

2 Pounds Cal Mag Plus

4 Ounces Extreme Blend

4 Ounces Silica Powder

1 Ounce Enzyme Powder

1 Ounce Mycorrhizae

4 Ounces Cloning Powder

Feed Charts Included

Everything You Need

Economy Start to Finish Bundle Includes:

5 Pounds Grow Pack

2 Pounds Early Bloom Pack

2 Pounds Mid Bloom Pack

2 Pounds Late Bloom Pack

1 Pound Awakening

1 Pound Bud Hardener

1 Pound Ripe Blend

Adjustable Teaspoon

5 Pounds Cal Mag Plus

1 Pound Extreme Blend

8 Ounces Silica Powder

4 Ounces Enzyme Powder

4 Ounces Mycorrhizae

8 Ounces Cloning Powder

Feed Charts Included

Everything You Need

Why the Start to Finish Bundle gets results?

All Nutrients Included
Ease of Use

Elite Start to Finish Bundle Includes:

10 Pounds Grow Pack

5 Pounds Early Bloom Pack

5 Pounds Mid Bloom Pack

5 Pounds Late Bloom Pack

3 Pounds Awakening

3 Pounds Bud Hardener

3 Pounds Ripe Blend

Adjustable Teaspoon

10 Pounds Cal Mag Plus

3 Pounds Extreme Blend

1 Pound Silica Powder

1 Pound Enzyme Powder

1 Pound Mycorrhizae

1 Pound Cloning Powder

Feed Charts Included

Everything You Need

Commercial Start to Finish Bundle Includes:

60 Pounds Grow Pack

30 Pounds Early Bloom

30 Pounds Mid Bloom

30 Pounds Late Bloom

15 Pounds Awakening

15 Pounds Bud Hardener

15 Pounds Ripe Blend

Adjustable Teaspoon

40 Pounds Cal Mag Plus

15 Pounds Extreme Blend

5 Pounds Silica Powder

5 Pounds Enzyme Powder

5 Pounds Mycorrhizae

5 Pounds Cloning Powder

Feed Charts Included

Everything You Need

Included Feed Charts to assist along the way:

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2 reviews for Start to Finish Bundle

  1. Gabriel

    This product blows the hydro stores pre-mixed solutions out the water, it has such a great variety of nutrients in one package deal, it can’t be beat! Way cheaper than buying bottles at the store, it is a great deal! You can customize your nutrient mix almost any way you want. It has everything you need to maximize your plants potential from start to finish. Love your product, keep up the great work, I will be a returning costumer!

  2. Ron (verified owner)

    Kick Ace. Good people

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