Granular Gypsum

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Not Avail in California


Product form:

Dry granules

NPK analysis:


Other product highlights:

Product is made up of 22% calcium and 18% sulfur. Product is derived from gypsum which is 97% calcium sulfate.

Primary function/use:

Adding calcium and sulfur to growing plants in any growing application.

Well suited for:

Any soil and gardening applications. Not used for hydroponics.

When and where to use:

Start with early season soil preparations and supplement as needed during the grow cycle.

How to mix:

Mix 2 to 3 lbs. for every 500 sq. ft.


Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.

Additional information

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1 review for Granular Gypsum

  1. WildWoodGeorge

    This product is easy to apply and works like magic tomatoes potatoes peppers squash ,and any thing else that you grow will benefit from this product . the prices cant be beat and Items received fast and great condition due to the quality packaging

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