Grow Starter Pack


Ensure success for any gardener with our Grow Starter Pack. incorporates all of our popular growth and vegetative enhancers into one cost effective bundle. Everything you need to grow like a pro, and designed to reward you with successful, heavy harvests.

Not Avail in California


Product Form:

Dry Powder, Water Soluble

Primary function/use:

Combination of the best grow products available.

Other product highlights:

A starter-pack means a complete bundle of products for grow applications.

Grow like a PRO with our Economy Grow Starter Pack

1 Pound Grow Pack
8 Ounces Extreme Blend
4 Ounces Mycorrhizae
4 Ounces Cloning Powder

Why the Grow Starter Pack gets results?

All Grow Nutrients Included
Ease of Use

Grow like a PRO with our Elite Grow Starter Pack

5 Pounds Grow Pack
2 Pounds Extreme Blend
8 Ounces Mycorrhizae
8 Ounces Cloning Powder

Feed Charts to assist along the way

Additional information

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