Bloom Pack

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This unique blend of highly pure minerals and natural additives combines the benefits of both organic and conventional nutrients for the Bloom/Flowering stage.


Product Form:

Dry Mix, Water Soluble

NPK Analysis:


Why Go Dry?

How do you like your coffee? Fresh or day old? Plants feel the same about nutrients. No need to store, buy or haul water.

Product Designation:

Hybrid (Kelp4Less “hybrid” products came from years of trial and error. This effort led us to the most effective blends of the best organic, natural and standard products.)

About Kelp4less Bloom Pack:

The Bloom Pack consists of the broadest spectrum of fertilization, plant health and providing micro and macro nutrients for any Bloom regimen. This Pack embodies the collective “intelligence” of decades of practical experience. All ingredients in this Pack reflect the same high standards of product-sourcing that define our other products.

Take the guess work out of multiple product feedings with Kelp4less all-in-one formula

Product Comparison Results:

Flower Development Sites:

Quality and Yield:

Bloom Pack 100%
Competitor 65%
Bloom Pack 100%
Competitor 75%

Product Function/Use:

All the essential Bloom elements and enhancers in one easy-to-use product.

Other Product Highlights:

Rather than buying multiple products, this product is an all-in-one solution to your Bloom cycle regimen.

For Hydroponics, Soil and Soil-less:

Mix 1 lb. Bloom Pack for every 50 gallons of reservoir water.

Mix 1/2 to one (1) tsp. Bloom Pack with one (1) gallon of water.

Well Suited For:

Hydroponics, soil and soil-less.

When and Where to Use:

Use during bloom stage.

Best Practice:

Don’t forget, when using this product, for best results, supplement with our Cal Mag Plus.


Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.

Additional information

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17 reviews for Bloom Pack

  1. Jason

    I use this all purpose Bloom Pack on my giant pumpkin plants and just love it. The feed pack mixed in with it makes it a knockout punch. Pretty soon I’ll switch to late bloom. Another great product.

  2. Steve

    I have used house and garden for years. I always found it strange that the base nutrients ratios never really change much from veg to flower. I changed to the early, mid, and late bloom products and have loved the results.

  3. ClosetGrowth

    You like MONSTER PLANTS??

    Well, when your in bloom, give em a teaspoon of this product along with an 1/8th teaspoon of mkp every time you water. Then you will be on your way to be the best harvest ever!! Signed, Sealed, and Delivered!! ITS THAT EASY!!!!! KELP 4 LESS ROCKS!!!!! ????

  4. Pete

    This stuff is amazing! I’d say my bud sites are up about 30%, and their quality is top notch! Compared to General Hydroponics, K4L’s products blow them away, and at a fraction of the cost (and space in your garage!). I’m never wasting my money on any nutrient mix that’s 99% water, 1% minerals again.

  5. Jay

    I used the Kelp4Less 20-20-20 which is the best all-purpose we have ever used. Then we were recommended the Bloom Pack and now we have customers at our business always asking us how we are getting our results! KELP4LESS…I am now a loyal customer…The Bloom Pack is pure magic!

  6. Snap

    I was an Advanced Nutrients user for a while. One run, around week 2, somehow I ran out of my AN base and substituted with the K4Less Bloom. Within a couple days the differences were noticed across the entire garden. Since, I have bought many of my necessities from K4Less with similar results. Never again will I pay for water or name. Forever loyal customer. P.S. I have tried all leading brand names. K4Less Bloom outperformed all.

  7. Brandon

    I started to use the Bloom Pack on my super hot peppers (Naga Viper, Brain Strain) and the amount of buds/flowers have increased dramatically. I use Silica powder in conjunction with the Bloom Pack and it makes big healthy buds that are strong and won’t fall off easily. I recommend everything this company sells as it all works amazing!!!!

  8. AlanHawaii

    I used Advanced Nutrients, I tried the Grow & Bloom pack. 5 weeks from clone my tomatoes are budding I sent in my pictures in & Kelp4Less could not believe that I had to cut about 50 branch’s off my 2 plants! My Bloom tent used to hold 5 plants. I do not think I can fit more than 3 plants. I sold all my AN!

  9. AlanHawaii

    I believe my harvest will be double w/Kelp4Less. October I’d be growing 47yrs. I saved $600.00+ per cycle, the pricing is so lows & goes a long way! I cannot wait 6 more weeks to see how much weight I’ll have. I reordered 5lbs of Cal/Mag plus & I’ll order more as my fertilizer goes down. I live in Hawaii it cost buku bucks shipping liquid & w/o stabilizers like AN I even had a open bottle Bud Factor X spoil on me, well that’s $50.00 I lost. I’m sold on Kelp4Less! Cheaper than Miracle Grow! Just try it & see for yourself!!!!!!!!!! alanhawaii

  10. HydroRod

    Been a loyal customer of K4L for years and no matter what other products I might try I always come back to K4L! For the best quality while saving money there’s no substitute, K4L is the Best Ever!

  11. 1moorejesse

    I’ve been using the bloom pack for several years and i cannot recommend a better all around product for flowering all plants.

  12. Kim Masse (verified owner)

    As always nothing but good success with the bloom products. It doesn’t matter if its a veggie or flower youy will see results!

  13. mkrupn2 (verified owner)

    I grow mostly in soil less mix. I have been using the Bloom Pack for quite some time and I have used the Bloom Pack for several harvests. This is a good product. This nutrient blend produces very good results.

  14. Wayne

    the Bloom pack is excellent. i have never had such healthy plants.

  15. vadim antonov

    Great product to jump start bloom production with all the proper nutrients. Plant also grew stronger roots which is always a beneficial side effect. Highly recommend the product

  16. Ben Salvio (verified owner)

    My garden is growing so much healthier since starting my plants using this. Simple to use and results are amazing. Harvest is amazing.

  17. yboltyan (verified owner)

    I use Bloom Pack & Grow Pack on my indoor medical cannabis/marijuana grown in soil. After using liquid nutrients and mixing 8-10 different bottles I can’t say enough great things about the Grow & Bloom Pack because NOT only it saved me a ton of time with every feeding but also keep giving me outstanding results. I grow AUTOFLOWER and PHOTOPERIOD strains and the size and quality and taste I get is amazing every single time. The guys at kelp4less really know their stuff! Also, the customer service is great the guys are happy to answer any question and take their time to answer and provide very helful information. I highly recommend trying both the Grow Pack & Bloom Pack and you won’t regret it, that I can promise you.

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