Limestone Powder

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Calcium is critical to the health of your plant, Limestone Powder adds diversity to your calcium sources, balancing pH and supplementing calcium.

Not Avail in California


Product form:

Dry powder, water soluble

NPK analysis:


Primary function/use:

Balancing pH (more alkaline) and supplementing calcium.

Other product highlights:

98 percent calcium carbonate. This product adds diversity to your calcium sources.

Product designation:


Well suited for:

Any indoor or outdoor gardening environment.

When and where to use:

Ideal for all stages of plant development (grow and bloom).

For hydroponics:

Mix one (1) tbs. with one (1) gallon of water.

For soil and soil-less:

Mix one (1) tbs. with one (1) gallon of water.

Foliar spray:

Mix one (1) tbs. with one (1) gallon of water.


Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.

Additional information

Weight N/A

2 reviews for Limestone Powder

  1. Sandra

    Awesome product and freshness! I use to make natural toothpaste to aid in tooth remineralization. Thank you Kelp4Less!

  2. Grant

    Kelp4Less is affordable and extremely helpful!

    A customer of mine inquired on similar products (comparing what we provided and Kelp4Less). After getting information from Brody and his brother within minutes, I was able to direct our customer to them with full confidence that their product was right for them! Their calcium is snail-industry approved!

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