Early Bloom Pack

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This unique blend of highly pure minerals and natural additives combines the benefits of both organic and conventional nutrients for the Early Bloom/Flowering stage. NOW available in California


Product Form:
Dry mix, water soluble

NPK Analysis:

Product Designation:
Hybrid (Kelp4Less “hybrid” products came from years of trial and error. This effort led us to the most effective blends of the best organic, natural and standard products.)

Other Product Highlights:
Rather than buying multiple products, this product is an all-in-one solution to your Early Bloom cycle regimen.

About Kelp4less Early Bloom Pack:
The Early Bloom Pack consists of the broadest spectrum of fertilization, plant health and providing micro and macro nutrients for any Mid Bloom regimen. This Pack embodies the collective “intelligence” of decades of practical experience. All ingredients in this Pack reflect the same high standards of product-sourcing that define our other products.

Well Suited For:
Hydroponics, soil and soil-less.

When and Where to Use:
Use during Early Bloom stage.

Best Practice:
Don’t forget, when using this product, for best results, supplement with our Cal Mag Plus.

Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.

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3 reviews for Early Bloom Pack

  1. Hydrorod

    The “Early Bloom Pack” is a great transition base that allows a smooth change into extra bud sites and it seems to help detour “bug” attacks during this most vulnerable period. It must be the type of kelp that’s used in it because after numerous experiments those with it always averaged fewer mites versus those without. Then about into week three I change into the mid and then into the late bloom base nutrient to get just the right amounts of the right stuff for an explosive harvest. Have been using this regiment for quite some time now and am very pleased with the results not to mention being the most cost effective nutrients available on today’s market. Highly recommend.

  2. Jack

    The perfect combination…a great product that produces amazing results at a low cost. I began using the early bloom and almost immediately saw multiple bud sets nearly all along the branches. After growing now for more then ten years I know this year is looking like one of the top harvests I have had. Thanks for giving a more affordable alternative to those high cost nutrient lines.

  3. Dane Theisen

    These packs are by far my favorite product. Early Bloom Pack from Kelp4Less is an excellent addition to your indoor or outdoor garden during the early bloom weeks 1-3. This 3-Stage product (early, mid late bloom) is the only “all in one” dry nutrient pack that I have found on the market. It’s modified to cover the different needs of the plant in each of the 3 unique bloom stages, and is easy to use by taking the guess work out of feeding during bloom. Just read the and follow the instructions. When using this product I feel like a Master Botanist or mad plant scientist with years of experience in trial and error. I would recommend this product the beginner and master gardener alike.

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