Extra strength nutrient specially formulated to produce heavy weight fruits/flowers, maximize bud development and promote bud density during all stages of bloom.

Not Avail in California


Mono Potassium Phosphate or MKP, the Ultimate Bloom Booster. Doesn’t matter what you are using for nutrients, supplement MKP along with it during Bloom, to get results like you have never seen before at harvest. It’s Synthetic but the best and most affordable Bloom Booster on the market.

Product form:

Dry powder, water soluble

NPK analysis:


Product designation:

Standard (This means products may contain natural compounds as well as synthetic compounds popular in conventional agriculture.)

Product Comparison Results:

65% Increase in yield quality

With MKP

140% Increase in yield size

With MKP

Primary function/use:

Fertilizer without nitrogen to boost phosphorus and potassium levels.

Supports blooms, buds, flowering and fruit development.

Other product highlights:

Technical name of product is mono potassium phosphate. Effective in establishing root systems. Increases sugars in fruit crops. Can be mixed with other fertilizers.

Well suited for:

Hydroponics, soil and soil-less.

When and where to use:

During all stages of bloom.


Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.

For hydroponic, soil and soil-less:

Mix one (1) tsp. with one (1) gallon of water.
Mix ½ lb. with 50 gallons of reservoir water.

Additional information

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