Bud Hardener

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Helps stimulate flower development in the mid bloom stage, for an increase in the size and mass of flowers/fruits. May be applied by itself or in combination with other fertilizer or nutrient product.

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Kelp4less Bud Hardener. Supplement along with your bloom nutrient regimen, to get results like you have never seen before at harvest.

Product form:

Dry powder, water soluble

NPK Analysis:


Product Designation:

Hybrid (Kelp4Less “hybrid” products came from years of trial and error. This effort led us to the most effective blends of the best organic, natural and standard products.)

Product Comparison Results:

Flower Development Sites:

Size and Quality:

Bud Hardener 100%
Competitor 70%
Bud Hardener 100%
Competitor 65%

Product Function/Use:

Fertilizer to boost bud and flower hardening. Supports blooms, buds, flowering and fruit development.

Well Suited For:

Hydroponics, soil and soil-less.

When and Where to Use:

Helps stimulate flower development in the final bloom stage, for an increase in the size and mass of flowers. May be applied by itself or in combination with other fertilizer or nutrient product.

For Hydroponics, Soil and Soil-less:

Mix ½ tsp. with one (1) gallon of water.
Mix ½ lb. with 50 gallons of reservoir water.


Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.

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5 reviews for Bud Hardener

  1. Bob

    Having a late potted cutting about 2ft tall with dime sized flowers that had remained the same size for about a month due to lack of strong sunlight, I thought it would be a good specimen for the new Bud Hardener. The plant wasn’t dying nor thriving, hardly any hairs left. Put under HPS light, watered with 1/4 tsp. Late Bloom mixed in a quart of water each day. Day 4 received Bud Hardener and watered with 1/8 tsp. w/Qt. of water every third day. Your new formula is great, as good or better than the discontinued Gravity. In 2 weeks the flowers are 1 3/4″ across and look like fat white hedgehogs, dense 3/8″ hairs. So folks, no need to wait until the end of next season to see if it works. Avoid the rush and stock up now.

  2. Damnecro

    This blend is amazing the rapid onset of mass was visible daily! Worked Excellent as an alternative to more expensive products

  3. Dane Theisen

    Bud Hardener from Kelp4Less is an excellent addition to your indoor or outdoor garden during late bloom from week 5-8. This product has made my flower sites noticeably bigger and denser. Not all strains and phenotypes are the same in regards to flower structure. Although flower density is often a measure of the plants end vigor, some variates naturally produce dense flowers while others are airy and wispy. This product will help even out the playing field, making your harvest more uniform among all of your clones and seedling phenotypes. This product works just as good as the now discontinued Gravity. I had concerns about this product containing plant hormones so called Kelp4Less. They expertly explained this product DOES NOT contain plant hormones, rather a rich blend of Potassium and Humic / Fulvic acid.Don’t settle for airy, wispy flower sites, add Kelp4Less Bud Hardener to your gardening mix.

  4. ap0ll082854

    Kelp4less sent me a sample of the bud hardener to try on my small winter crop i had growing in my greenhouse over the winter. The results are amazing . Its great it has no PGR’s in it . I will be using it on my outdoor crop this summer.

  5. angelandkisa (verified owner)

    I have been growing for quite a few years.. Not until a friend turned me on to Kelp4less.com can I say I had any real harvests. always light and airy buds. This past season using kelp4less products and ending with bud hardener and ripener was the first time I had thick heavy beautiful nugs..
    I love these guys and their products. p.s give them a call they are always friendly and helpful!

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