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The Growing Footprint of Food Banks

Positive Future News #949 (Feature Photo – Food Bank Lines – USDA Public Domain)

With 53 million Americans relying on food banks for a portion of their nutrition, it is no wonder that food banks are getting bigger. There are now 12 food banks in the U.S. that have revenues over $250 million a year. The top 300 food banks, had revenues just shy of $19 billion, which makes food banking a major player in the food scene. You can link to the full story below:

As a brief editorial comment, inflationary food prices may be primarily the result of a less than full connection between the flow of money and productivity in all things including food. Is it possible that economic policies, should focus on a more direct connection of finance with productivity – food, cars, and housing? The video below features a news piece on the Houston Food Bank – the largest food bank in America.

The Largest Food Banks in America, 2022

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