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Who Wants to Own Forests? A Lesson to Learn

Touch the Soil News #2008 (photo – Tasmania from Space is lush green – (Public Domain – NASA)

This open ended question could be answered that maybe you do.  What do you think happens to the funds folks put into their company’s pension funds, or teacher’s pension fund or any pension fund?  Those dollars immediately start looking for an investment.  If the pension fund gets large enough, it starts globe-trotting to find the right investment for future pensioners.

Global AgInvesting brings us the story of how pension funds from Australia, the UK, and the Netherlands (Dutch) are joining forces to buy a forestry enterprise called Forico in the island state of Tasmania, which is part of Australia.  Forico holds over 400,000 acres of hardwood forests which are managed for harvest and regrowth.  Tasmania, with a population of 575,000 people is about the size of the State of Maine in the U.S.

This concept is important in that this is what is happening to some of the America’s farmlands – large sums of investment dollars are always looking for a place to nest and farmland has become one of the places. You can read the full story here:

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