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Epic Farming Plan in South America that Defies the Imagination

Touch the Soil News #2009 (photo – Mennonite Horse Carriage – (CCA SA 2.5 Generic, Alan Walker)

The Republic of Suriname, a former Dutch colony achieved full independence in 1975.  Being the smallest nation in South America, the nation is primarily covered with rainforests.  With a GDP of about .0001 of that of America, the nation is struggling financially, and is thus entertaining an epic farming plan.  The idea is to bring in 1,000 Mennonite families to farm 74,000 acres.  Like a page frozen in time and space, Mennonite Farmers from South America are a unique brand of culture, heavily anchored in religion and farming.  These Mennonites embrace the idea that agriculture in remote areas will bring them closer to God.

By embracing a simple life and doing the only thing they know how do – Farm – they are colliding with a world steeped in climate change and saving rainforests.  What do you think of this collision?

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