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A Master’s Degree in Urban Agriculture in Norway

Touch the Soil News #2006 (photo – Livia and Juanita in front of a toolshed at Eat Healthy Live Healthy Urban Garden – (USDA photo – Public Domain)

Norwegian University of Life Sciences, established in 1859 (164 years ago) is now offering a Master’s Degree in urban agriculture.  The university is joining a growing list of universities and colleges offering advanced degrees in urban agriculture all over the world including in the U.S.

Interesting are all of the categories in which students will receive skills and education.


– green and living cities
– social integration
– public health
– spatial planning
– food production and organic farming
– the use of plants for both food and decoration
– husbandry in the city
– water and sanitation
– pollution
– sustainable environment and ecology
– the spread of pathogens (diseases)
– economy, business and entrepreneurs

You can read more at the University’s Website here:


The news portal Agritecture, offers a list of universities in the U.S. offering urban agriculture degrees.


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