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Urban Farming – A Foreign Perspective – New Business Models

Touch the Soil News #2005 (photo – Green Wall – CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication, Daderot)


Arirang News of South Korea reports that urban agriculture in the nation is practiced by almost 2 million people, many of which are small plots at home or on terraces.  However, the cost of supplies and creating jobs totaled $2.2 billion.  Arirang posts this information on a YouTube which is linked below.  However, in the early part of the video is a short story about a “Pet Plant Clinic” where folks take their plants to be invigorated or healed.  Then there is another development called Biowalls, where walls draped with living plants were put in corporate buildings and offices.  Do these ideas hold business models for Urban Ag in the U.S.?

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