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Community Garden – As Much for Inspiration as Food Production

Community Garden – As Much for Inspiration as Food Production

Touch the Soil News #2033 (photo – Community Garden) (Courtesy of USDA, Public Domain  CCA 2.0 Generic)

The Times of San Diego comes with an interesting story of a community garden being built in a city park.  There was almost $500,000 raised for the park.  When looking at the layout and plans, the roughly 22 plots would equate to a price tag of over $20,000 each.  However the park is much more in terms of buildout to include a greenhouse, fruit trees, pollinator habitat and open spaces.  The idea is also to inspire gardening at home.  The fact that a community garden project spiked such interest and funding indirectly infers urban farming is trying to solve a much larger national food problem unfolding.

One of the other purposes for this specific location is to provide open space for the many multi-unit housing complexes in the area and offer residences relief from congestion.  You can read the full story here.

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