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How Do You Feel About This Community Garden Land Dilemma?

Touch the Soil News #1901 (Feature Photo – Redcatch Community Garden – Courtesy of Redcatch Community Garden)

Bristol 24/7 News brings us the story of the city of Bristol in England and a land rent fight that has erupted with a Community Garden.  The city wants to raise the land rent on Redcatch Community Garden by 5,000 percent. The Community Garden has created 16 jobs and provides an estimated $1 million in social value to the community.  The city on the other hand wants to be responsible stewards – meaning they want a return on the city’s land investment. Do you think the city should give the Community Garden use of the land for money, or give the land at no cost as compensation for the unpaid for time of the Community Garden volunteers for the good of the city? You can read the story here:

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