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Deep Dive into Food Banking – Possible Ideas for Urban Farms?

Touch the Soil News #1963 (Photo – San Antonio Food Bank Drive-Thru Line – Public Domain, USDA)

One of the largest food banks in the nation is the San Antonio Food Bank.  Located in a metropolitan area so 3.6 million people.  In the top 15 Food Banks in America, the San Antonio Food Bank serves people in a 29 county service area.  Serving 100,000 individuals a week, they have explored numerous ways to get distribution accomplished in efficient ways that also makes it easy for people.

In a story on Food Bank News, Melanie McGuire, chief programs officer at the Food Bank, explains that 42 percent of the 6 million pounds of food they distribute goes through some type of drive through venue.  Would this be of value for a market gardener to have – pre-ordered- drive-up service in the parking lot of a large Farmers Market?

While it is on the opposite end of the spectrum of food acquisition, it’s interesting to see how logistics are handled.  You can read the full story here:

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