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Food Tremor in the United Kingdom – Grow Your Own Grows in Importance

Touch the Soil News #1962 (Photo – UK Allotment Garden – CCA SA 2.0 Generic, Johnathan Wilkins)

Earlier this year, news stations in Europe were abuzz over the shortages of fresh fruits and vegetables in supermarket in the United Kingdom.  From weather issues to energy issues at greenhouses growing vegetables, supplies are short and prices are high for what’s on the shelves.

In rather astonishing domino effect, UK citizens are flocking to allotment gardens, the UK equivalent of community gardens.  This increase in focus has some allotment gardens having wait lists over 12 years.  The city of Bristol, with a population of 475,000, has 4,500 allotment garden plots, but a wait list of over 8,000 people.

How the UK and other nations around the world are dealing with these food tremors will be the models, when they get them figured out, that the rest of the world may learn from down the road.

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