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Food Banks Join with other Social Services

Touch the Soil News #2022 (photo – Food Bank Inventory) ( Public Domain)

Some estimates are that sixty percent of workers live from paycheck to paycheck.  While it is popular to look at each individual case, trying to find the reasons for this high number, perhaps the answers have more to do with the nation’s cash flow sluggishness.  Either way, if a job is lost, help has to be there as most families have children that simply cannot afford to fall through the cracks.

Food banks are now partnering with other social service agencies all under one roof.  Other services included housing, job placement, health care and even help learning how to read.  Should there be a Job Bank where folks that want to work can work the day they show up?

Back to Community Service Hubs. The idea is to have all of a community’s services under one friendly roof.  Food Bank News provides more perspective here:

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