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Hospitals Growing Food Movement in India?

Touch the Soil News #1991 – Forests – (Malene Thyssen –

The Times of India recently put out an interesting story.  It’s about an emerging trend where hospitals are beginning to grow their own organic vegetables for patients and staff.  The story comes from the city of Kochi with a population of 700,000 within a larger metro area of 2.2 million.  One wonders why hospitals in such a large metropolitan area, already short of land, are trying to figure out how to grow food.  The story covers several hospitals.

While the food chain is certainly different in India over the U.S., the focus is on product quality and the absence of compounds used in conventional farming.  Is this an idea that has application to hospitals around the world, even in first-world nation?  Would an entrepreneur in America make it growing food for hospitals?  It would be an interesting business plan.

You can read the full story here:

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