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One of the World’s Largest Livestock Enterprises – Up For Sale

Touch the Soil News #2014 (photo – Sheep – (USDA Public Domain )

Australian Food and Agriculture Co. LTD, with the passing of one of its founders, is now available for a new owner.  GAI news brings us the story of this 550,000 acre ranch – heavily anchored in sheep – also has crop production in rice, cotton, hay and some grains.  For perspective, this ranch would be equivalent to a farm that is 10 miles wide and almost 90 miles long.

From an economic perspective, every time a farm changes hands, the cost basis of the farm goes up.  For example, of a farmer bought the land for $1 million, and then sold it for $3 million, the new owner has to get a higher return from the production to cover the higher cost and mortgage. You can read the full story here:

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