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Reclaiming Unused Spaces for Social and Economic Purpose

Touch the Soil News #2001 (photo – Cities Without Hunger Farm in Sao Paulo – Photo Courtesy of Cities Without Hunger))

With a name like Cities Without Hunger, there are hints of a significant need in the background.  Operating in the city of Sao Paulo with a population of 12.5 million, almost 2 million are unemployed.  Even more impacting is that the city of Sao Paulo is at the heart of a much larger metro area of almost 34 million people.

For some insight how folks are trying to lift themselves up by the bootstraps, this is a story for the record books.  Operating over 80 urban farms and school farms, the idea is to let folks farm for a share of the produce and let folks sell a share of the produce for income.

According to the FAO, between 2018 and 2021, 23.5 percent of the Brazilian population either stopped eating due to financial reasons or had to reduce the quantity and quality of food eaten.

Leveraging this story is Mongabay news portal where you can read the full story:

You can visit the Cities Without Hunger webpage here:


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