Bloom Starter Pack


Why Use It?

Ensure success for any gardener with our Bloom Starter Pack. incorporates all of our popular bloom boosters and enhancers into one cost effective bundle. Everything you need during the bloom stage, designed to reward you with successful, heavy harvests.

Not Available in California

Product Description

Product Form:

Dry Powder, Water Soluble

Primary function/use:

Enhance all stages and cycles of bloom.

Other product highlights:

Rather than buying multiple products, this product contains all you will need for your bloom cycle regimen.

Economy Bloom Starter Pack Includes

1 Pound Early Bloom Pack
1 Pound Mid Bloom Pack
1 Pound Late Bloom Pack
4 Ounces Awakening
4 Ounces Bud Hardener
4 Ounces Ripe Blend

Why the Bloom Starter Pack gets results?

All Bloom Nutrients Included
Ease of Use

Calculating the stages of your bloom cycle:

Calculate the length of your bloom cycle. For the first 1/3 of your bloom cycle, use the Early Bloom Pack. For the second 1/3 of your bloom cycle, use the Mid-Bloom Pack. For the last 1/3 of your bloom cycle, use the Late Bloom Pack.

Elite Bloom Starter Pack Includes

3 Pounds Early Bloom Pack
3 Pounds Mid Bloom Pack
3 Pounds Late Bloom Pack
1 Pound Awakening
1 Pound Bud Hardener
1 Pound Ripe Blend

Feed Charts to assist along the way

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4 reviews for Bloom Starter Pack

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Percy Hampton

    This is truly a farmers dream come true. I no longer measure small amounts of various nutrients to get the ideal feeding solution because the Organic Mechanic has has the perfect mixture with the grow packs and bloom packs. Just follow the instructions and take the credit for growing beautiful plants.
    I don’t have to try new premixed products due to great advertising or fancy labels. All I need is water. Thank you for a great product, discrete and free shipping, informative website and great customer service. Kelp4less is by far #1

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I just love this stuff. Alittle hard to mix, but I use a small container then pour solution into water. Thank you Kelp4less!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Workes very well my plants look great

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Starter pack is a great way to kick your plants into flower. It seems as though they begged to fed this. Good organic feeding to start with.

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