Crab Meal

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Crab Meal is used to encourage hardy root growth, and can be used in a watering program or just applied dry. Crab meal has the highest calcium rating available in organic fertilizers. Calcium is essential for plant development and helps develop cell walls and root tips.

Not Avail in California


Product form:

Dry, cracked crab shells

NPK analysis:


Product designation:

Natural (This product is a candidate for organic certification. Kelp4Less has chosen not to register this product.)

Other product highlights:

This product is 100% natural marine fertilizer that does not pollute the soil or environment.

Primary function/use:

To enhance and amend the soil.

Well suited for:

Amending and enhancing the soil.

When and where to use:

Start with early season soil preparations and supplement as needed during the grow cycle.

How to apply:

Spread one (1) tbs. crab meal in the planting hole before transplanting.

Incorporate into soil three (3) inches from the stem around the base of the plant.

Water abundantly after application.


Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.

Additional information

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3 reviews for Crab Meal

  1. Frank

    I really love adding Crab meal (the crushed shells) to my soil mix. A very natural pest KILLER, research chiton , amazing stuff. I amend my soil mixes with Crab meal and neem for a sense of insect defense with the added benefit of a natural NPK.

  2. Carol Nelson

    I recently ordered this product to help add chitin to my soil, both garden & potted houseplants which have summered outdoors. I am hoping it will deter any “hitchhikers” from wintering in my house. I’ll let you know how it works on the house plants later.

  3. Shannon

    This stuff is pure gold! Every time I top-dress with it, I see a visible spurt in growth. Even more important is the CHITIN! I got a couple sick plants this season which were drooping close to death. This disease spread to a few nearby plants. When I fed crab meal to these sick plants all indications of disease stopped immediately. Even the sick-unto-death plants not only revived, but are HUGE! I will never be without it.

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