Amino Acids

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A complex blend of all 16 L-Amino Acids specifically formulated to increase plant vigor, produce uniform lateral branching, flower development sites and yields.

Not Avail in California


Product Form:

Dry Powder, Water Soluble

NPK Analysis:


Primary function/use:

As a nitrogen product used during the grow stage of any plant.

This natural nitrogen complements and can be used with any other synthetic nitrogen product.

Great for chelating micronutrients including manganese iron, zinc and copper so they can be more easily assimilated by the plant. Makes nutrients from other fertilizers easier for plants to assimilate.

Other product highlights:

This product contains 16 L- amino acids. Amino acids are the basic elements of life and contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.

Well suited for:

Hydroponics, soil and soil-less.

When and where to use:

Ideal for foliar application, root-drench application or soil amendment.

For Foliar Use:

Mix 1/4 tsp with one (1) gallon of water. Mist or spray the surface of plant leaves tot he point of runoff. Apply every other week.

For Hydroponic Use:

Mix 1/4 to 1 tsp. with one (1) gallon of water.

For soil use:

Mix 1/4 tsp with one (1) gallon of water. Apply generously around the base of the plant. Follow with regular irrigation. Apply every other week


Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place

Additional information

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9 reviews for Amino Acids

  1. Phamp

    My plants have really responded with growth and beauty. Great price for such an excellent product. Once again Kelp4less rises above the rest.

  2. SpitFire

    A wonder additive to your vegging plants.. The best amino acid next cod fish proteins. If your not into the fishy odors, then this the product for you. The greenest green will form after a dose if this. Adding a little fulvic acid with this product will have you seeing tropical forests. Outdoors or indoors, this amino is fab. This price is nice as always!! Foliar feeds, compost tea additive or a stand alone. This product is sure not to miss!! Thanx K4L

  3. Edward Young

    I have used the Amino Acids to boost the growth of my plants, along with Miracle Grow, my plants have gone wild with growth. I have one WIFI plant that is 8 ft. tall, and about 5 ft. in diameter, plus very dense. Another plant is Blueberry, they are usually a small plant of around 4ft. tall when fully grown, but this one is 5ft. tall and about 4ft. in diameter, again very dense. All of my plants are starting to flower now, and they are covered with buds. Each stem is covered with flowers from about 6in. from the base stalk and all the way to the tip. I have never seen so much flowering in all the years I have been growing.

    I have now switched from the Miracle Grow to MKP, and Amino Acids to aid in the flowering process.

    I will have the largest pound for pound buds when harvested this year.

    Thanks to Amino Acids and MKP, and thanks for Kelp4Less – the best.

  4. Cody (verified owner)

    My plants have been loving the added amino to their watering schedule. I also use it occasionally as a foliar and the plants respond really well with shiny leaves.

  5. chimay (verified owner)

    An absolute must to add when using Cal-Mag. The aminos will help improve uptake of the Cal-Mag leading to stronger cell walls, and healthier plants in general. Only a small amount needed per gallon, so this is a great value and lasts a long time.

  6. chimay (verified owner)

    An absolute must to add when using Cal-Mag. The aminos will help improve uptake of the Cal-Mag leading to stronger cell walls, and healthier plants in general.

  7. jshep (verified owner)

    Greatly improved my uptake of calcium.

  8. Jeff Theil (verified owner)

    Amino acids are a must have in my giant pumpkin patch. The have helped me grow a personal best 2 years in a row. This year’s was 2195 lb, which is now the current Ohio State record pumpkin. They also helped me grow a 1620.5 lb squash, which was the state record as well.

  9. Jim Ford (verified owner)

    One of several Kelp4less products I used to help me grow a 2015# Giant Pumpkin.

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