Crop Profitability Calculator


The Crop Profitability Calculator is new set of Innovative farm production and finance tools. The tools begin with the comparison calculators, to help improve your production and business model. Then The crop inputs templates, to help build a better plan. And finally the tracking harvest and sales, for production, market and business intelligence.


Finally, a set of tools to build the profitability of your production enterprise. The calculators are designed for:

  1. Profit and non-profit commercial production enterprises
  2. Home gardeners that depend on the food they grow
  3. Entrepreneurs that want to get into commercial production

The Crop Profitability Calculators are made up of three parts:

  1. Comparison Calculators. Measures the efficiency of production and corresponding impacts to revenues.
  2. Crop Input Templates. Itemize, track and assess crop inputs, their costs and relevancy to production and product quality.

3.Tracking Harvest & Sales. There is a lot that happens from the time product is harvested and sold that impacts profitability. Now you can track, find and stop money leaks.

The Crop Profitability Calculators are sensitive to the challenges growers face in achieving the production efficiency, product volume, and product quality necessary for economic viability.

Now you’ve got help with building a production and business model unique to your circumstances.

The Crop Profitability Calculators were created within Microsoft Excel. Excel is therefore required for the operation and function of the Crop Profitability Calculators.


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