Foliar Spray Starter Pack

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Not Avail in California


Product Form:

Dry Powder, Water Soluble

Primary function/use:

Combination of the best foliar products available.

Other product highlights:

A starter pack means a complete bundle of products for foliar applications.

Economy Foliar Spray Starter Pack Includes

1 Pound Extreme Blend
1 Pound Kelp Humic Blend
1 Pound Molasses Powder
1 Ounce Yucca Extract

Why the Grow Starter Pack gets results?

All Foliar Spray Ingredients Included
Plant Growth & Development

Elite Foliar Spray Starter Pack Includes

3 Pounds Extreme Blend
3 Pounds Kelp Humic Blend
3 Pounds Molasses Powder
4 Ounces Yucca Extract

Feed Charts to assist along the way

Additional information

Weight N/A

1 review for Foliar Spray Starter Pack

  1. Gina

    This product takes all the guess work out of finding the best products to foliar feed. I have been using this once a week every week and I notice a boost in the health and vigor of my plants within a few hours and continues for days. What a joy to see my plants so happy

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