Fulvic Acid

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Corrects nutrient lock out conditions and amplifies nutrient uptake to increase the availability of nutrients and mineral absorption into the root cells with the use of organic bio stimulants to maximize plant’s growth and yield capacities.

Not Avail in California


Product form:

Dry powder, water soluble

NPK analysis:


Product designation:

Natural (This product is a candidate for organic certification. To ensure the lowest price, Kelp4Less has chosen not to register this product.)

Primary function/use:

As a fertilizer. Product also makes nutrients more available to their plants. High carbon and low pH substance. Boost nutrient efficiency of plant. Mix with other plant foods to enhance nutrient uptake.

Other product highlights:

Highly concentrated 75% fulvic acid. Called nature’s masterpiece, fulvic acid is an extract of decomposed organic matter. Fulvic acid is soluble in any media whether acidic, alkaline or neutral. Product is plant-derived.

Product Comparison Results:

Uptake of Nutrients from plant

Nutrient Uptake with Fulvic Acid

Plant Growth and Development

Fulvic Acid

Well suited for:

Hydroponics, soil and soil-less.


Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.

When and where to use:

During all stages of plant development.

For hydroponics:

Mix ¼ tsp. to one (1) gallon of water.

Additional information

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8 reviews for Fulvic Acid

  1. Matt

    FANTASTIC – I have been using for 2 years ,in both aeroponics(winter) and outside(summer garden) , and in both instances have visually watched the roots go from threads to rope size in a matter of weeks and we all know that bigger roots =better fruit-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN A.A.C.T. (VORTEX TEA BREWING
    TNX – MATT

  2. Jim

    Awesome product!!
    I used this on Atlantic Giant Pumpkins. Foliar and root feeding made a huge difference in the size and quality of plant and fruit. Root mass was extensive feeding larger vines. The leaves were enormous taking advantage of photosynthesis. I’ll continue using this product in future plants.

  3. Chad

    Super affordable fulvic makes it perfect for the res but greatest benefits as a foliar especially with other goodies like aminos, sugars, and micronutrients.

  4. Baitman

    I use a mixture of fulvic and kelp as a foliar spray once a week and run it through drip irrigation for giant pumpkins, I have healthy looking plants

  5. SpitFire

    I use a combination of different “super drinks” that I have experimented over the years and this is a super star additive in my line up. Humic acids are awesome, but fulvic is the way to go. It is always in my pre-start to my compost teas. Try your own recipes and find out what works with your regimen. Try this: add fulvic acid, powered molasses, and kelp extract in your compost tea (with a air bubbler) with NO compost and watch life happen.. This will produce the crazy bubbles you are looking for in your teas with out the compost. The plants will dance after this baby!! K4L always the thumbs up!!

  6. Mark

    i have never used fulvic acid before so far all of the products i have bought works extremely well ..i highly recommend using kelp for less products …the uptake of nutrients to my plants have increased at a faster rate than ever before with fulvic acid…great products

  7. find_denver

    I seen a YouTube video on their humic acid product. And decided to buy some. No regrets. My seedling and plants in my raised bed are thriving. Just don’t use too much of this stuff. A little is better than lot. Or you’ll over fertilizer… I did and burnt the leaves on my squash and eggplants. But they didn’t die. I mix this in a 1 gallon jug. And add a cap full or 2 ,from the concentration mix from the directions, to each of my fertilizer schedule. In my opinion, this blend helps increase the uptake of each feeding I give my plants. I also used this mix in my hydroponics system. Killer stuff! In a good way. The root systems are healthy and growing like crazy. My plants love them. Now I need to save up so I can try some of their other products. So far I’m loving their stuff
    Big thumbs up from me!

  8. jshep (verified owner)

    Great supplement. I use in conjunction with Kelp and Humic acid.

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