Potassium Sulfate

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Not Avail in California


Product form:

Dry powder, water soluble

NPK analysis:


Primary function/use:

Multi-nutrient fertilizer rich in potassium and sulphur.

Other product highlights:

This grade of potash is formulated for maximum water solubility.

Well suited for:

Hydroponics, soil and soil-less.

When and where to use:

When transitioning from grow to bloom and continuing on through the entire bloom stage.

For hydroponics, soil and soil-less:

Mix 1/8 tsp. with one (1) gallon of water.


Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.

Additional information

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3 reviews for Potassium Sulfate

  1. Mark Bohrer

    I am using this product along with molasses , seaweed , colloidal clay and molasses powder for my tea solution .. With great success . Thanks Kelp4less . Great packaging and easy instructions ..

  2. Nick

    I use this to supplement potassium in my aquaponics system. It is used in organic production as an alternative to potassium hydroxide. It does not effect ph, which is what I am looking for since I buffer my ph with calcium carbonate. Ever since I added the potassium sulfate, I haven’t had a single potassium deficiency and my fish don’t seem to be bothered at all.

  3. jshep (verified owner)

    Great product. Works as advertised.

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