Super Soil Cut

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Ensure success for any gardener with our Soil Cut Starter Pack. incorporates all of our popular meal fertilizers, soil conditioners and soil enhancers into one cost effective blend. Everything you need to grow like a pro, and designed to reward you with successful, heavy harvests.

Not Avail in California


Product form:

Dry mix

NPK analysis:


Product designation:

Natural (This product is a candidate for organic certification. To ensure the lowest price, Kelp4Less has chosen not to register this product.)

Glacial Rock Dust

Rock Phosphate

Alfalfa Meal


Crab Meal

Fish Bone Meal


About the Soil Cut Starter Pack:

The Soil Cut Starter Pack consists of the broadest spectrum of fertilization, plant health and micro and macro nutrients for any soil preparations. This pack embodies the collective “intelligence” of decades of practical experience.

All ingredients in this pack reflect the same high standards of product-sourcing that define our other products.

Primary function/use:

Fertilizer. Provides micro and macro nutrients as well as slow-release natural organic phosphate during the bloom stage. Rather than buying multiple products, this product contains all you will need for your soil preparations.

Entry Level Starter Pack Includes:

10 Pounds Soil Cut Starter Pack Blend

Economy Starter Pack Includes:

25 Pounds of Soil Cut Starter Pack Blend

Elite Starter Pack Includes:

100 Pounds of Soil Cut Starter Pack Blend

Well suited for:

Amending and enhancing the soil.

When and where to use:

Start with early season soil preparations and supplement as needed during the grow cycle.

How to mix:

Light Mix. Mix One (1) pound of Soil Cut Starter Pack with a 2.5 cubic-foot bag of soil for a light mix. Light feedings of Grow and Bloom are great to supplement with.

How to mix:

Potent Mix. Mix Five (5) pound of Soil Cut Starter Pack with a 2.5 cubic-foot bag of soil for a very potent mix. Usually water only is needed.


Ensure bag is properly sealed and stored in cool, dry, dark place.

Additional information

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5 reviews for Super Soil Cut

  1. Frank S

    I am currently using the Soil Cut Starter Pack in my soil less mix and its kicking you now what !!!!! My plants are dark green and healthy, and the only addition this whole season has been WATER nothing else. GREAT PRODUCT. will bebuy another elite package soon

  2. GardeninginHoth

    I mix this with Coconut Coir, Composted manure(.01,.01,.01), and Perlite to make up my potting mix, It makes for much healthier Chili Pepper, and Tomato plants with lush full root systems. I only gave 1 LIGHT feeding a couple of weeks after transplant and 1 LIGHT feeding @ about 2 months to encourage Fruiting and they have been performing Great, just like I have been adding Nutes every week!

  3. Jason

    I had a Okra plant with horrible dirt, and Japanese beetle eaten leaves,plant was about to die,I treated it horribly. I put a sprinkle of the soil cut and just a cup of water messing around. 3 days later 2 huge flowers popped up and the plant is turning around. I did not apply this correctly and had a major effect on a majorly sick plant. Really cool, can’t wait to use this the correct way soon….

  4. Kim Masse (verified owner)

    Been using this stuff for a few years now. I use it prior to planting, whether its seed or a transplant, I put a hand full or so and then I sit back and am amazed at the results. Try it you’ll see.

  5. Ben Salvio (verified owner)

    I start my containers with this mixed in my potting mix. Best stuff out there.

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