Kim M

Everyone we have shown the carrots to are simply amazed, they have never seen anything like this! We live in Norther Maine, “the county” as most folks call it, our growing season isn’t as long so we need that little extra boost which your K-mag and MKP provide.

This is the first year using your products and it surely won’t be the last! Thanks again and can’t wait to see what next year garden will produce.

You should be aware that every crop that was treated with MKP, Grow Pack, K-Mag, Bone or Bloom Meal responded very well. I wish I would have made more videos. Some of my sunflowers were 13 Plus feet with heads measuring over 14″ across. Big Boy Tomatoes 1.25 lbs all day long!

Everyone wants to know the secret, which I hate to give up because I love watching their expressions of total amazement.