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The Grow-Your-Own Megatrend – Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Touch the Soil News #1831 (Feature Photo – Victory Garden Consciousness– Public Domain)  When an emerging phenomenon takes on the stature of a Mega Trend, there are generally multiple drivers (reasons) for something gaining in stature in our cultures. The grow-your-own food concept has gained stature for a variety of reasons. Let’s list 10 them and see what you think.

  1. Control what you eat by controlling its production.
  2. Access to food that is absent chemical footprints.
  3. Geopolitical volatility that impacts food imports and exports.
  4. Kinks in the supply chain that make grocery stores less reliable than in the past.
  5. Food inflationary prices that tip the scales in favor of home gardens.
  6. Social and political movements that seek to absolve hunger.
  7. The low ebb of diversity in mono-culture food crops that define our diets.
  8. Growing condition volatility for the world’s mega-farms.
  9. The high concentration of processed foods in diets.
  10. Droughts and Floods that can impact global agricultural production

What else would you add to the list?  Other issues include growing population concentrations in cities, fueling a return-to-nature culture and a food closer-to-home consciousness.

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